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SOR     *SOR
   Mechanical & Electronic Pressure & Level Switches & Transmitters

  Autrol US
   Smart Gauge and Absolute Pressure, Differential Pressure, Temperature Transmitters with HART, Push-button         interface, and Local LCD Display


   Radar and Ultrasonic Level Transmitters, Vibration Level Switches, Temperature
   Transmitters; Analytical solutions for turbidity, conductivity, CO2, chlorine, and more
   Digital Level Sensor: Top Level and Interface Level Measurement; High Level Switch
    PR Electronics
   Isolators, Signal Conditioning, Remote Communication, Temperature Transmitters, and Multi-function I/O
   Level, Temperature & Flow Switches; Temperature Transmitters; Thermowells & Temperature Elements
   Liquid Level Indicator
NoShok     Noshok
   Pressure/Temperature Gauges, Transducers, Needle Valves, Manifolds
D Instruments     3D Instrument
   Analog/Digital Precision Test and Process Gauges, Handpumps
Mid-West     Mid-West Instruments
   Differential Pressure Gauges & Switches, Pulsation Snubbers/Dampners
Precision Digital     Precision Digital
   Digital Panel Meters, PID Controllers, Digital Process Meters
   Thermocouples, RTD’s, Thermowells, Thermometers
Reotemp     Reotemp
   Temperature and Pressure Gauges; Thermowells and Temperature Sensors; Diaphragm
   Seals and Capillary Systems

Valtek -
A Flowserve Company
   Digital Positioners, Butterfly, V-Notched Ball, and Complete line of Control Valves
    Kammer - A Flowserve Company
   Severe Service and Fractional Flow Control Valves
   Non-bleed, Closed System Control Valves for Back Pressure, Reducing, Differential Pressure and More
   Safety relief valves, back pressure regulators, and choke valves
Jarecki Valves     Jarecki
   Metal and Soft Seated Ball, Control and Check Valves
   Dump Valve and Liquid Level Controller
Habonim     Habonim
   3-Piece Ball, V-Slotted, Flanged, 3-Way Ball, Butterfly Valves
Compact II     Compact II
   Quad Piston Rotary Pneumatic Actuators
   Scotch-Yoke, Rack & Pinion Pneumatic Actuators
   Pneumatic & Electrohydraulic Rotary Vane Actuators, Damper Drives
Indelac     Indelac Controls, Inc
   Electric Actuators, AC and DC, Spring Return Electric – Fail-Safe – Rotary & Linear Actuators
Automatic Valve     Automatic Valve Company
   2, 3, and 4 Way, NAMUR mount, Large Cv Solenoid Valve
Moniteur     Moniteur Devices
   Indicating Valve/Actuator Position Limit Switches
Morin     Morin
  Stainless Steel Pneumatic and Hydraulic Quarter-turn Actuators

   Coriolis, Mag, Ultrasonic, Variable Area, Orfice, Mass Dynamics Flow Meters, Vortex list of meters for Krohne
   Paddle-Wheel Style Turbine Meters
Mid-West     Mid-West Instruments
   Differential Pressure Flow Meter & Backflow Prevention Test Kits
Mid-West     Sage Metering, Inc.
   Thermal Mass Flow Meters for Gases (Flare Gas, Natural Gas, etc.)
   Flow Switches
   Turbine Meters & Flow Analyzers
   Spring Diaphrams and Pilot Process Control Regulators
RTI     Reading Technologies, Inc.
   Industrial Air Filters and Dryers
    Basic Bottle, Cylinder, Fixed Volume Bottle and Inline Sampling Systems
    NRTL certified fixed gas detectors, wireless detection systems, Flame Detectors, Open Path Gas Detectors,
    Calibrations Supplies, and Alarm Controllers.

    PLC’s, HMI’s, Variable Frequency Drives/Motors, DCS, Power Supplies, Motor Control Centers, Pump Panels, NEMA &     IEC Controls, Soft Starts; Low, Medium, & High Voltage Controls & Distribution



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