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    Our Leaders

    Kevin Slater

    CEO / Founder

    Thank you for visiting our website,

    I was born and raised in West Texas. My career started in 1981, working for a small Industrial Instrument & Controls Distributor/Representative, while attending night school to obtain a college degree. 10 years later, I was a proud graduate from The University of Texas Permian Basin. Through the following 12-13 years, I maintained this same career path in this same industry.

    In 1994 the opportunity was presented to me to start Slater Controls, Inc. Through the last 25+ years, Slater Controls has been fortunate enough to expand, opening offices in Arizona, New Mexico, and Amarillo, Texas.

    Today as years ago, our team and people are the driving force behind Slater Controls and its success. Slater Controls is proud to acknowledge the same people that started Slater Controls in 1994 are still with the company today. Furthermore, several manufactures that I sold their products back in 1981 when first starting, are still today represented by Slater Controls today. Ethics, perseverance, hard work, and fun are all considered the essence of our existence and our motto to achieving success.

    Yours truly,

    Kevin J. Slater

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    Brian Carter

    Vice President

    Since joining Slater Controls in 2009, I have passionately committed to fostering a culture centered around our employees and customers. This focus has not only made Slater Controls a premier workplace but also a leader in our industry.

    My tenure at the company has reinforced the importance of individual accountability, rigorous work ethic, and ethical conduct as the pillars of sustained success.

    Originating from the rich and diverse backgrounds of Texas and New Mexico, my roots in these areas have profoundly shaped my personal and professional life.

    I am privileged to serve on the Board of the Permian Basin Rehab Center, where we provide essential services such as speech, physical, and occupational therapies to those in need, enhancing countless lives.

    Outside of work, I am an avid cyclist and photographer, dedicating my free time to these passions and my family, who are my greatest support and joy

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    Outside Sales and Engineering

    Charlie Greenfield

    Senior Outside Salesperson

    Phone: 432.528.5725

    Since 1994

    Jeff Diner

    Senior Outside Sales Engineer

    Phone: 602.980.0890

    Since 2000

    Tim Packard

    Senior Outside Salesperson

    Phone: 806.335.6777

    Since 2006

    Jamie Lankford

    Outside Salesperson

    Phone: 432.661.2536

    Since 2006

    Chris Jackson

    Outside Salesperson

    Phone: 432.260.9986

    Since 2006

    Antonio Garcia

    Outside Sales Engineer

    Phone: 505.324.6253

    Since 2013

    Jacob Ryan

    Outside Sales Engineer

    Phone: 432.934.1372

    Since 2018

    Toby Nutter

    Outside Salesperson

    Phone: 806.474.6813

    Since 2024

    Inside Sales and Engineering

    Dillon Pinard

    General Manager

    Phone: 432.567.3925

    Since 2018

    J.J. Morrell

    Inside Sales Engineer

    Phone: 432.567.3920

    Since 2007

    Juan Chacon

    Inside Sales Representative

    Phone: 432.567.3916

    Since 2019

    Reagan Havis

    Inside Sales Engineer

    Phone: 432.567.3930

    Since 2019

    Warehouse, Production, and Support

    Ruben Mota

    Assistant Warehouse Manager

    Phone: 432.232.1085

    Since 20

    Nick Galindo

    Tranportation Coordinator

    Phone: 432.563.2002

    Since 2018

    Alex Elvira

    Lead Technician

    Phone: 432.563.2002


    Al Rolle


    Phone: 432.563.2002


    Michael Munday

    Warehouse / Technician

    Phone: 432.563.2002


    AJ Puente

    Warehouse Clerk

    Phone: 432.563.2002

    Since 2024


    Matt Babb


    Phone: 432.567.3902

    Since 2019

    Julie Colvard


    Phone: 432.567.3911

    Since 2014

    Grace Harkey

    Accounting/Accounts Receivable

    Phone: 432.567.3912

    Since 2019

    Syril White

    Accounting Clerk

    Phone: 432.563.2002

    Since 2023

    In the Process Control Business Since 1994

    Slater Controls History










    Slater Controls First Established


    Slater Controls Opens First Remote Office In Farmington, Nm


    Slater Controls Opens Office In Phoenix, AZ


    Slater Controls Opens Office In Amarillo, TX


    Slater Controls Growing Business With Its First Warehouse Expansion


    Slater Controls Facility Expansion To Include Increased Warehouse Space And Expansion Of Inside Sales Operations


    Midland Facility Expansion Project Leads To Increased Office And Warehouse Space


    Slater Controls Technician And Automation Building Was Built

    Our Story And Future

    Our vision was clear from the very beginning - create a one-stop-shop for our clients and save them time, effort and resources. In our line of work, products rarely work in isolation. Our team's mission is not to sell at all costs, but rather educate, guide and advise clients about complimentary products and services that could drive their business forward.

    Slater Controls is primarily a manufacturer's representative and distributor for control valves, flow measurement, level control and process controls. Working with the most recognisable and well-respected brands in the market, we wave never wavered from bringing our clientele products that meet their needs, wants and business requirements.

    Our Core Values

    Even though most people know us for distributing high-level equipment, our brand value is founded in the education that comes with the products. We always ensure that our staff is up to date with their practical knowledge and training, ready to support you in any way you deem necessary.

    Our business model is rooted in building long-lasting relationships and the only way we can do that is through trust. When clients walk through our front door, they are putting their faith and trust in our expertise, and we feel that the least we can do is share it.

    We tailor our solutions to match your needs. Orders are made to fulfil the individual demands and requirements of every project. We treat each client separately and devote the requisite attention and resources to get them the solution that works for them.

    Need An Assistance Or Ready To Start Your Project?  Contact Our Experts

    Contact Us: 432-563-2002

    Central Office - Midland, Tx

    Ph: 432.563.2002

    Fx: 432.563.3429

    2511 S. County Rd. 1257 Midland TX 79706

    amarillo, tx

    Ph: (806) 359-1607

    Fx: (806) 359-1952

    5410 S. Bell Bldg. B., Ste. 410 Amarillo, TX 79109

    Farmington, NM

    Ph: (505) 324-6253

    Fx: (505) 324-6274

    333 E. Main St., Ste 150 Farmington NM 87401

    Phoenix, AZ

    Ph: (602) 569-1615

    Fx: (602) 923-1776

    4540 North 44th Street #43 Phoenix, AZ 85018

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