SOR Mini-Hermet Mechanical Pressure Switch

Code: Mini-Hermet

Mini-Hermet Pressure Switches

Explosion Proof, Hermetically Sealed, Robust and Reliable

Mini-Hermet Pressure Switches are robust field-mounted instruments. The pressure sensing assembly is similar to a conventional SOR type. The main difference is that the switching element assembly is hermetically sealed in an explosion proof steel capsule. Switching elements are SPDT or DPDT. See Principle description on page 2.

Application Information
The pressure switches in this series are suitable for a variety of process applications in hazardous locations and hostile environments where stainless steel exterior parts are required and where space is limited. Basic models with standard wetted parts are normally suitable for air, oil, water and non-corrosive process fluids. Adjustable ranges to accommodate lower Set Points, switching elements to handle heavier electrical loads and user preference may require Big Hermet models. High pressure fluid power (hydraulic) applications where high shock pressures and high cycle rates are expected normally require Pivot Seal type pressure switches.

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SOR – Mini-Hermet Pressure Switch Catalog (Data Sheet)
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Video – SOR – Mini-Hermet Pressure Switch Overview

Technical specifications

Adjustable Ranges

7 to 30 PSI
12 to 100 PSI
20 to 180 PSI
25 to 275 PSI
25 to 240 PSI
35 to 375 PSI
45 to 550 PSI
100 to 500 PSI
200 to 1000 PSI
200 to 1750 PSI
500 to 4000 PSI

UL CSA Listing

Class I, Group A, B, C, D
Class II, Group E, F, G;
Divisions 1 & 2

Explosion Proof Hermetically Sealed Switching Capsule

Isolates switching elements from corrosive, hostile and hazardous environments and virtually eliminates problems from corrosion


3 years from date of manufacture

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