Autrol Gauge Pressure Transmitter

Code: APT3200G

APT 3200 Gauge Pressure Transmitter

Accuracy, Repeatability, and Reliability

APT 3200 Smart Guage Pressure Transmitter uses the world’s most advanced silicon pressure sensor technology and state of the art encapsulation technology. This is a high performance pressure transmitter with HART® communication protocol and is used to measure gauge pressure. It is used to measure liquid, gas, or steam flow as well as liquid level and density of medium. It an accuracy of up to 0.075% of URL and has IP66 water-proof protection.

• Flexible Sensor Input : GP, AP, Flush Mount
• Various Output : 4-20mA, Digital Signals
• Setting Various Parameters : Zero/Span, Trim, Unit, Fail-mode, etc.
• Self Diagnostic Function : Sensor, Memory A/D Converter, Power, etc.
• Digital Communication with HART protocol
• Explosion-proof Approval & Intrinsic Safety Approval: ATEX,FM, FM Canada, GOST, KCs, etc.
• Marine Certificate: ABS, LR, BV, DNV

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