Flowserve Logix 3200 Digital Positioner

Code: 3200MD

Superior Performance and Reliability

Introducing the Flowserve Logix™ 3000MD Series Digital Positioner

The Flowserve ® Logix™ 3000MD series high-performance digital positioners utilize state-of-the-art piezo technology to
provide superior performance and reliability. This is accomplished through the use of a powerful 32-bit microprocessor
and a proprietary two-stage electronic relay. Among the Logix 3000MD series more attractive features are the on-board
QUICK-CAL™ button, DIP switches, Jog buttons, and variable gain selector. These features allow the user to complete setup
and calibration of either diaphragm or piston operated valves in a couple of minutes, without the need of additional handheld
devices or software.

The Logix 3000MD series positioners offer valve status updates at a glance using the highly visible LEDs. Users can easily
determine if a valve or actuator is functioning properly, and quickly diagnose any problems using the smart LED blink codes.
This means that maintenance personnel can provide a visual check of the valve status without having to remove the cover or
connect a HART handheld device or maintenance PC/laptop.

Predictive diagnostics is available using the ValveSight software available through FDT/DTM technology. ValveSight is a
diagnostic solution for control valves that can be seamlessly integrated into most host control and/or plant asset management
systems. The power of ValveSight is in the intelligent diagnostic engine which is constantly monitoring the valve, actuator,
positioner and control signal for patterns of behavior that may indicate a problem and provides actional advice proactively.

Can Adapt to Almost Any Valve

Mounting kits are available to allow the Logix 3800 digital positioner to mount to nearly any valve on the market including ball valves, globe valves, butterfly valves, v-balls, and other control valves. This allows for a facility or location to utilize the same control for any application reducing spares and variability for I&E technicians and personnel.

Always in Stock at Slater Controls

Slater Controls stocks a variety of shaft configurations to ensure immediate availability which include Double D Shaft and Namur Shaft units. Unsure which one you may need? Just provide a bit of information about the actuator and valve, and the sales staff at Slater Controls will make sure you have the positioner to fit your needs.

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