Flowserve Logix 3800 Digital Positioner

Code: 3800MD

The NEXT GENERATION, Do It All Digital Positioner

You can have it all: simple configuration and calibration,
powerful diagnostics and reliable performance

This high-precision positioner simplifies installation through easy configuration and calibration. It also facilitates improvements in process up-time, reliability and process throughput. Advanced diagnostics not only identify developing problems in the control valve, but also help guide corrective actions to ensure reduced return-to operation times.

Compatible with linear and rotary valves and actuators, the Logix 3800 digital positioner offers embedded measurement, data reduction, and diagnostic functionalities. Its control system-independent user interface facilitates easy configuration, operation and system diagnostics with a single view

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Technical specifications

Air Consumption

Standard relay 0.3 SCFM 60 psi
(Cv 0.008)
Low bleed relay 0.075 SCFM 60 psi
(Cv 0.002)

Output air capacity

Standard relay 18 SCFM 60 psi
(Cv 0.47)
Low bleed relay 18 SCFM 60 p

Temperature range

-67°F to 185°F

Performance Characteristics

Resolution ≤0.25%
Linearity ±0.80%
Repeatability ≤0.05%
Hysteresis ≤1.00%
Deadband ≤0.10%
Sensitivity ≤0.25%
Stability ≤0.40%
Long-term drift ≤0.50%
Supply pressure effect ≤0.20% per
10 psi (0.69 bar)

Safety Certifications

ATEX, IECEx and FM/CSA explosion-proof, intrinsically safe and non-incendive

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